Kemper profiles MEGA pack v.10 (added Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce )


  • Image of Kemper profiles MEGA pack v.10 (added Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce )

Please read the ReadMe.txt file in the zip file

Important info: new profiles are made with kemper firmware 7.x.x - to make these profiles work in past firmware versions (v6xx) you have to rename the extension from .krig to .kipr or update your firmware to 7.X.X (Toaster and Rack). Kemper Stage users are fine and should load profiles without any issues.

MEGA pack of over 1000 amp profiles + several perform files + 4 cabs (cab presets including some fredman style micing technique + mixed IRs)

AMPS: Diezel Herbert mk I, Dual Rectifier 2ch rev F, Dual Rectifier 3ch Multi-Watt, Engl E580 MIDI preamp + E840/50 poweramp, Engl Savage 120 mk I, Framus Cobra, Mesa Boogie Mark IV vB, Salvation Audio MTS Mods (Camerica, Custom 3, Dreadplate, Mash-All, Shiver, Terrier, Stonerverb DeLarge, CAMEROCK and Salvado Deluxe, VHT Pittbull Ultralead with graphic EQ, VX Kraken, Orange Rockerverb 100W mk2, Diezel VH4, JCM800 Kerry King sig amp, modded 6505+ (by Salvation Audio), MTS/Synergy module called Sathanas (based on Randall Satan head and made by amazing Salvation Audio), EVH 5150 EL34 50w and my !NEW! Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce stage I amp.

CABS: Mesa OS412, Engl Pro412 V30, Hardbox 212XL V30, HOT 2x12 V30+G12-75T

Almost all profiles are DI profiles that are merged with my CAB profiles, so they shall work with real cab or FRFR quite well. Tweak them to your taste (a little EQ, change CAB...). I used boost pedals like TS808 clone by Kartakou, Demon TS9/TS808, Lichtbringer by Klirrtone (very similar to TC Electronic integrated pedal used by band Meshuggah), Boss SD1 and Klon clone called Silver Horse. There is a new subfolder named Pedals that contains new profiles of amps with pedals like Big Muff Deluxe, Grim Face Fuzz, ProCo Rat-clone pedal and TC Eyemaster (simplified clone of legendary boss HM-2) for some old school swedish death metal like Entombed or Bloodbath. Added new clone pedal of Fortin 33 in latest update.

Enjoy :-)


...and a little demo of reamp tracks with the raw profiles, straight to the DAW without tweaks

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